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Languages help children develop confidence, transfer to secondary school and eventually live their dreams.

The journey must start at primary school when language learning is like a game and your child’s brain is a sponge.

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Build the language foundations necessary to take on the challenges of secondary school, GCSEs and beyond

Become a lifelong language learner, open to all the opportunities in the world

Develop confidence leading to an increase in the ability to take risks and cope with making mistakes (vital in every part of education)

What we think...

It’s all about equipping your children today so they can follow their dreams later. Whether it’s being a footballer at Real Madrid, a scientist at Cern, studying AI in Beijing or programming computer games in Berlin… languages open the door to work, study and dreams.

Your child’s school should have language clubs which:

• Offer Spanish, French, German and Mandarin
• Are run by trained Language Guides, who motivate and inspire children
• Base all sessions on fun games, tasks and activities
• Let children earn stamps each week in their Language Passport
• Help parents with a termly overview of the sessions

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