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Fun with Languages

Anyone can learn a language and everyone deserves the chance. Being multilingual is a life changer and the process of language learning develops confidence. With Speak Like A Native every step is fun too. 

Our courses are designed to be meaningful for different age groups, always with the aim to help our learners become confident communicators. We’re more about lingo than linguistics because we want you out there using the language.

Choose Spanish, French or Mandarin and try one of our programmes which are all based on “can do” themes. The idea is that with the language you learn, you can do something. All very practical and useful.

We have courses in person and online for CHILDREN and ADULTS.

If we don’t have what you want, where you are then please get in touch. 


Language learners develop problem solving skills
Being multilingual increases education and career opportunities
Speaking another language improves memory and confidence at all ages
Holidays and travel just become better
Can be an academic pursuit or a hobby

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