Speak Like a Native Cheshire

Speak Like A Native is committed to giving people of all ages the opportunity of language learning.

We work with a range of partners and are looking to increase our Cheshire presence in 2022.

If you want to work for Speak Like a Native Cheshire please register your interest HERE

Our first Franchise Owner Deborah believes “Language learning doesn’t need to be stuffy or scary and the way Speak Like A Native teaches Spanish, French and Mandarin means every session is fun and after the past 12 months, I think we all need a little of that in our lives again”'

She adds: "apps are great but they’re also a reclusive way of learning…clicking and scrolling and occasionally speaking into the phone. Language learning is about communication and it needs real people in real time in a real place. That’s why I’m bringing it to Cheshire.”

To get in touch with our Franchise Owner, Deborah Lagar, please reach out at cheshire@speaklikeanative.com or call 01925 982 620

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