The journey starts here

There’s a whole world out there waiting to be explored and experienced. And there’s nothing that opens doors more than when someone makes the effort to use the local language. Of course there are apps, and some are great, but if you want to be able to communicate confidently then there is no substitute for practising with real people in real time. 

We know you’re busy people and to fit in with your lifestyle we run a lot of these courses online. And like all Speak Like A Native programmes, these are fun, social and designed to get you ready to use the language out there

We also run them in colleges, workplaces and other venues. Please let us know if there isn’t one in your region and we’ll try and set it up.


Each course is a 10-week block based on “can do” aims. You choose what you want to practise and we help you get there. Here’s a selection of Speak Like A Native “can do” courses.

And for those who want something more tailored to work

At Speak Like A Native we run “open” courses that anybody can join and “closed” ones that companies and organisations book for training and team building. 

Click BOOK to see what’s available online or in your area. Or let us know HERE if you would like us to set up something up locally.