What type of parent are you?

what type of parent are you

Parents are very honest with us about their own language learning experiences and what they think their children should (or shouldn’t) be doing. We visit primary schools, chat to PTAs, attend summer and winter fairs and listen to opinions wherever we go.

We always meet those who have had a very positive language learning experience themselves. This can be related to their school days or based on living, working or travelling abroad. Quite simply, they see the benefits and want their children to have the same.

Then there are those who regret not having the opportunity when they were younger to learn without fear or stress. Many of these people tell us the language they wish could they speak and how much they want their children to have the chance to build the foundations as early as possible. If being embarrassed whenever you’re away because you have to rely on everybody you meet to speak English then you might be one of these parents.

Then there are those who are fearful that because they were labelled bad at languages (usually at school) their own children will suffer in the same way. Of course, they hope this isn’t the case. Often we’re told by honest adults how they try to use the language skills they have on holiday but just freeze.

And finally, there are the parents who see no benefits in language learning and can’t picture the benefits for their children.

Have we missed a “category”?

Which one best describes you?

If you want your child’s primary school to have a Speak Like A Native language club… just get in touch.

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